We are moving to Zulip

Hi everybody,

Slack has served us up until now as our chat, but we decided phasing out of Slack and moving to Zulip (actually most content has already been moved). You can find us now at aes-erlangen.zulipchat.com, the links on the website are already updated. This decision was made in the last Orga meeting, because:

  • Zulip gives open access to the data and allows self-hosting
  • is well established with TUM, University California San Diago or Rust language community as customers
  • has streams with topics (+ integration of mailing lists)
  • a switch to Zulip is still possible without too much friction for our members

If you have any issues accessing the chat, don't hesitate to contact us. We will also set up a warning sign on the Slack channel for others.

Small FAQ🔗

I'm new, how can I join?

Great to have you! Follow the Sign up with an Email address at hand. You only have to provide minimal data, and after that should be able to log into Zulip.

But I already had a Slack account, what do I have to do then?

Chances are high that you're account was carried over, but not your password. (because this is not possible) Head to Forgot your password? and enter your Email address. After you got a reset Email, set a new password and log into Zulip with the usual URL. If you don't get a reply, just create a new account (see first answer to FAQ).

Pff I'm a bit overwhelmed with the new interface, where can I learn more?

No worries! You probably have opened the webinterface of Zulip, first take the tour of Zulip on their homepage. (like they do select a topic, for example in the general stream) Then view this short video on Youtube. You should be ready to head into the Getting Started section of their help center and learn more about individual topics.

If something is unclear, don't hesitate to contact us, see you around!