Recap on the Automotive Audio Demo


Finally, we got a chance to organize our automotive demo event on 29 July 2022 Thursday with 8 participants. In this event, we found ourselves behind secret doors of Fraunhofer IIS Automotive team. The team consists of researchers, engineers, business experts, and Tonmeisters (Golden Ears of the team). After a short presentation from Birgit Bartel-Kurz on history of speaker systems in automotives and IIS solutions, we had the opportunity to observe 3 sound system demos of the team. These 3 systems are shortly as follows:

  1. Fraunhofer Sonamic Panorama This technology creates a surround sound image that puts the listener in the middle of the concert. Each element of the song comes from a specific location and the immersive sound makes songs feel real.
  2. Fraunhofer Symphoria With the help of this upmix technology, it is possible to create a 3D surround sound experience out of stereo input by increasing width/depth and height component of the sound and thus making it much more natural and realistic.
  3. MPEG-H Systems The automotive team at IIS is also looking for ways to implement the latest audio standards into cars. In this demo, we listened to several sounds and music produced in MPEG-H and played back over the series car speaker setup. With MPEG-H, which is also powering the 360 Reality Audio Immersive standard, you can already today experience discrete immersive content on several streaming services.

Thanks for everyone attending this event and we hope to see you and new faces in our upcoming events!