About us

Hello there! 👋

We are the AES Student Section Erlangen-Nürnberg, a group of audio enthusiasts who love to share their passion for audio with others. We bring together people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, from the interested student to the experienced audio engineer or researcher. We organize events and workshops, invite audio professionals, and visit the AES convention (the largest audio conference in the world).

If you are interested in mixing, recording, audio technology, or audio research, come and join us - we are happy to get to know you! 😄

Mission statement of the AES:

The Audio Engineering Society was formed with the purpose of uniting persons performing professional services in the audio engineering field and its allied arts, of collecting, collating and disseminating scientific knowledge in the field of audio engineering and its allied arts, of advancing such science in both theoretical and practical applications, of preparing, publishing and distributing literature and periodicals relative to the foregoing purposes and policies.

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Our members

Anna Leschanowsky
Hey, I am Anna! Luckily Anna is widely used in countries across the world because I love travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people. And let’s not forget about tasting new foods! For the last few years, I have been studying ICT at FAU and am about to graduate in April. I am passionate about the intersection of technology, design and humanities and have worked in various areas related to audio and speech processing. Whenever I don’t have the chance to travel abroad, I like to play classical guitar, read books and meet friends. My audio related projects for 2022 are building a loudspeaker by myself and learning about mixing to improve voice-overs and audio quality for video production. If anyone likes to share tips or traveller stories, I am always up for a talk!

Carlotta Anemüller
Hi, I am Carlotta! I am a PhD student at the International Audio Laboratories Erlangen, where I am working in the field of spatial audio. My research is all about how to recreate the perception of a spatial sound field most convincingly, either over loudspeakers or over headphones. As for audio-related hobbies, I used to play the trumpet, something that I should start again one day. Other than that, I love to travel, do all different kinds of sport and meet friends in my spare time.

Maryam Pirmoradi
I‘m Maryam and come from Iran. I study M.Sc of Communications and Multimedia Engineering at FAU. My passion for signal processing has led me to many experiences with its applications in biomedical and communications engineering areas and now, I‘m warmly welcoming audio and music processing! Currently, I have a student job at the AudioLabs in music processing field. In my free time, I go out for a walk at random places and enjoy a podcast, I learn German(!), read books and cook! Cats, coffee, singing and meeting new people are my non-signal processing passions! :D All in all, I do enjoy meeting and communicating with people, and putting a smile on your face! :)

Sebastian Rosenzweig
My enthusiasm for audio and passion for music brought me to pursue a Ph.D. in the field of music information retrieval at the International Audio Laboratories Erlangen. In my daily work, I conduct research on signal processing tools for analyzing multitrack recordings of polyphonic singing. In my free time, I play guitar and piano. Also, I like to play around with audio equipment and record my own songs. I am always happy to connect and meet new people.

Komal Hirurkar
Hello everyone, this is Komal and I am from India. I have done my Bachelor's in Electronics Engineering and am currently pursuing Masters in Communication and Multimedia Engineering. I joined FAU this winter semester and am still exploring various fields, but 🎧 Audio is the one that has definitely caught my attention and interest. During my school days, I pursued Indian classical music for two years. I started learning to play the guitar at the beginning of the pandemic but couldn't bring it to Germany due to the luggage constraints 😅 I would definitely like to start again 😁. I love reading, traveling and learning new languages. I speak English, Hindi, Marathi, Korean and am learning German. I run a motivational website called charmingchallenges.com, although I haven't been very active on it on the past year, I intend to start working on it soon again.

I am always excited to meet and connect to people and learning from their experiences!

Lorenz Schmidt
Website | ALabs
I play clarinet (Bartok + learning some of the Bop duets + scales atm) and sometimes piano (currently learning BWV 847). I'm dancing the Lindy Hop (also started with choreographies last week again :D) and doing a PhD at AudioLabs in distributed audio systems. I'm a member of the Rust Machine Learning group and like to tinker in functional programming and statistics. My favorite authors are Pratchett, Moers, Dragt and Gaiman and currently I'm reading a book by Clemens Setz. I also like to sail!